Shiny Bronze Window Film

$ 131.25
  • Available in fun colors for decorative applications
  • Maximum heat and glare reduction
  • Interior view has a silver-reflective finish
  • Offers some daytime privacy
  • 99% UV barrier protects you and your furnishings

Shiny Bronze reflective window film give you excellent solar protection while adding a splash of your favorite color. Exterior views are the color of your choice, interior views have a silver-reflective finish.

Note: People outside will be able to see in through this film whenever the light inside the window is greater than it is outside. For example, an office building that you can't see into during the day, may allow you to view people working at night in their offices. In this situation, the amount of privacy will be determined by the VLT (visible light transmission) of the film. A lower VLT will reduce (but not eliminate) the visibility of anything inside the window.

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