Gold Sparkle Frost Window Film 47" Wide Roll

$ 98.86
  • Translucent "sand-blasted" look with a hint of glitter
  • Maximum privacy while letting some light through
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Excellent for a range of decorative uses
  • 99% UV barrier protects you and your furnishings

Gold Sparkle Frost Window Tinting Film offers the same translucent, sand-blasted privacy as our Frosted Window Tinting Films but adds the sparkling look of glitter. Adds flare or fun to any window, no matter where the setting is. Note: People outside will be able to see blurred silhouettes through the Sparkle films whenever the light inside the window is greater than it is outside. For example, an office building that you can't see into during the day, may allow you to view people working at night in their offices.