HanitaTek 2-Mil White Matte PS Window Film
Hanitatek films
SolarZone's 2 mil matte translucent window films are ideal for enhancing the functionality and appearance of glass - whether to provide privacy, delineate space, disguise unattractive features, or provide graphic impact. All matte translucent films are suitable for installation on clear or tinted single-and double-pane glazing.

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HanitaTek Whiteout Window Film
SKU: HWO72P-25
Hanitatek films
This completely opaque window film provides both daytime and nighttime privacy. Whiteout window film makes glass safer if broken, by holding broken glass together, reducing fallout of shards, and is considerably more durable than white paint, which can crack and split in months. This window film is scratch-resistant and uses pressure-sensitive adhesive. Unlike Blackout window film, Whiteout is safe for use on dual-pane windows.

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